My client was looking for a piece of furniture that could do a variety of things but was unable to locate such an item after a long search. He commissioned me to design a credenza which would house the "sound bar" style sound system, DVD, VCR & CD players as well as a 47" HDTV with one catch- he completely disliked seeing a television when it was not "on".


One option was to never turn the TV off, but a better option was to essentially design an electronics storage cabinet that appealed to his sensibilities and could hide his TV with the push of a button.


The result is this multi-purpose credenza that conceals the TV utilizing a silent electric motorized lift system. Additionally, the piece serves as a buffet table when the clients are entertaining.


As my client was visually attracted to the beauty of rare and endangered hardwoods for their exotic and luxurious grains, textures and patterns, I suggested using TABU, a company who provides exotic veneers- an environmentally friendly alternative to rare species harvestation.