HIGHLAND AVENUE- Hull, Masssachusetts

WMR Residential Design. Renovation, Hull, Mass. Stairway

The clients for this large and complicated remodel/expansion located in Hull, Massachusetts on Boston's South Shore were Southern California "transplants" who relocated from Cardiff, California. The existing house was a dis-jointed, under-utilized and structurally unsound environment that had endured many alterations over it's 150 plus year life span. The following is the outline of what was completed before my clients returned to Cardiff, San Diego after one winter in New England.



  • Transformation of a 165 year old New England Seasonal Cottage into a 2600 square foot family home.
  • Excavation and finishing of a 1000 s.f. basement
  • Modernization of all wiring, plumbing and heating systems throughout
  • Opened up main floor resulting in a large "great room" style space
  • Expansion of upper level to include 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry room and library niche

Unfortunately, completion of the project was never realized as the garage and large enclosed porch was not built prior to the clients return to California.

WMR Residential Design. Renovation, Hull, Mass. Conceptual Drawings